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5 Fun Things To Do In And Around Bangalore With Your Family Over The Weekend

Bangalore is a beautiful city that makes family hang-outs relatively easy. There is so much in the city that you can do to bond with your kids and other people in your family. It has something for every kind of person so this time we have decided to entertain you with family hang-outs for the weekends.

Bonding with family is really important. Throughout the week you are busy with your work or running errands but the weekend is the time you can actually bond with your children and get to know them better and what's better than some fun activities and exploring your city's nooks?

Bangalore is the perfect place for people looking for offbeat experiences to bond with their families.

From beautiful cafes to interesting play parks, Bangalore has eclectic offerings. We believe that a family should not miss out on the fun that this city has to offer, so coming this weekend, we implore you to get up, get ready and go out-and try out at least one activity from the below activities.

1. Visit Interesting Cafes In Whitefield

cafe with ambience

Whitefield is the next hip area in town. After the bustling 100 Feet of Indiranagar and cheap takeaways of Koramangala, Whitefield is emerging as the next go-to hub in Bangalore. Not because it has the Phoenix Market City and you can shop your favourite labels there but cafes that the place houses.

It is interesting to see how Whitefield has developed over the years. Earlier what had been the place only for techies has now become an abode to families and youngsters. Considering how far Whitefield it is from the centre of Bangalore, many people have avoided travelling all the way to Whitefield. But things are changing.

These days people don't mind the brain-wrecking traffic and distance all thanks to quaint cafes that have opened here. From dog cafes to interesting art cafes, there is a lot to explore here. And that's why it becomes the perfect place for families to hang out here. Especially children who would totally enjoy this mega child-friendly location...

2. Indulge In Activities At Savandurga

This remote area is not exactly in Bangalore but it is the best place for families to indulge in some fun activities and bond. It is about 60 km west from Bangalore. You can drive down to this location off the Magadi Road. The drive in itself is quite scenic and the kids will love it. The place is famous for trekking. This is the right activity to kick off your weekend with your kids.

Getting them into trekking and turning the trek into a mini picnic can be quite rewarding. Although trekking is popular amongst youngsters, families can try their hand at the bunny hill. If trekking is not for you, then camping might suit your taste.

There are a number of camping sites and what's better than taking kids on a weekend away into the wild? Besides that, there are many other activities which children can enjoy such as kayaking and swimming.

3. Hop Around Trampoline Park

One thing that makes Bangalore so accommodating for every person is that it has loads and loads of things to offer. Now big cities like Delhi and Bombay may have their kid-entertaining set-ups, but they for sure won't have a Trampoline Park. Yes, Bangalore has its own Trampoline Park.

The floors are made of trampoline so you can hop from one trampoline to another. The park is situated in Electronic City. And not only kids but adults love it too. If jumping and hopping is not your thing, at least give it a try and we promise you will have nothing less than fun. Needless to say, kids will love the park.

4. Enjoy A Picnic At Cubbon Park

picnic in park

Cubbon Park is known for a lot of things and the most important thing it is known for is family picnics. The best part about this mega park is that it gives you the liberty to explore nature in a guarded area. The beautiful bamboo trees, the colourful trees, beautiful flowers and much more to explore and enjoy...

You may want to take a picnic mat or yoga mat because some of the areas can be too damp, so being prepared in advance is useful. Besides that, you can also take your mini meal to make it a perfect picnic. There are many vendors around who sell ice cream, chaat and other snacks that you can munch on.

Don't forget to take a ball or some kind of board game to enjoy with kids. If you are a photographer or enjoy photography as a hobby, this is a perfect place to spend your Sunday with the family. You can make some beautiful pictures here. We recommend going there early as a lot of families come to the park and it is likely to be crowded.

5. Explore Bannerghatta National Park

Must be the most obvious listing but seriously, how can we miss it? But wait a second! It is not your regular national park, here, you actually see animals real close and healthy and happy. The park is massive and you may have to stand in a long queue but it is worth the wait.

You'll sit in an enclosed van or a minibus which will take you through the park. First, you'll explore the herbivores and then the van takes you to carnivores' spots. You can see bears, white tigers and lions right next to your bus, so if you haven't been to this national park, trust us, the hype is for real.

You will also see zebras and other animals. They also have a butterfly park that you can enter and hang out at. Don't worry about carrying food. You will see a lot of snack shops just before you enter the park.

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