Sukreeswarar Temple, Tirupur

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Sukreeswarar Temple is another important temple that is located in Tirupur. It is located on the banks of the River Nallar, a tributary of the River Noyyal, which runs through Tirupur. It was built sometime in the 10th century A.D by the kings of the Pandya Dynasty. Even so, several structures present within the temple complex have been constructed later by the kings of the Chola Dynasty.

The temple is an excellent example of Tamil temple architecture. The temple complex has two towers called Vimanam, one dedicated to the worship of Amman and the other to the worship of Lord Shiva. A total of five Shiva Lingas are present in this temple. Even though the actual temple was constructed in the 10th century, inscriptions found at the site have revealed that the spot was used by the tribal people of the area as early as in 5th century A.D for the worship of Shiva.

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