Virupaksha Cave, Thiruvannamalai

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Virupaksha Cave has had religious importance since the 14th century. Initially the Cave was popular due to the saint Virupaksha Deva, but now the Cave is known among the devotees because of Sri Ramana Maharishi. The Maharishi made the Cave his home for 16 years starting from the year 1899. He came out of the Cave only on 1916. He wrote ‘Self-inquiry’ and ‘Who am I’ while residing in the Cave. This is one reason the Cave has acquired shrine-like importance for the followers of Sri Ramana Maharishi. Many people come to meditate inside the Cave to find inner peace.

The way to Virupaksha Cave is through Sri Ramana Ashram and you cross Skandashram on your way. You also have the option of walking from the Thiruvannamalai Temple and the Arunachaleswara Temple in order to reach the Virupaksha Cave. Many devotees prefer walking from the main temple of Thiruvannamalai to the Cave because they consider this as part of pilgrimage and a way of paying their respect and homage to the revered saints.



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