Skandashram, Thiruvannamalai

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The Skandashram was established by Kandasawmi who took the initiative of getting constructed the primary part of the building that is now known as Skandashram.

The Ashram is actually a cave that is very close to the Virupaksha Cave. The Ashram has a perennial spring that gives out clean and safe water for drinking purposes. The ventral side of the cave has two rooms that have been constructed in linearity. The terrace of the ashram offers a splendid view of nature at its best. The thick and green growth of foliage combined with the azure of the sky is indeed breathtaking. Visible on the skyline of the town are the majestic gopurams of the Arunachaleswara as well as the Thiruvannamalai Temples.

It is believed that Bhagavan stayed in this Ashram until the death of his mother, Alagammal in 1922. Legend also has it that Sri Ramana’s mother attained Samadhi at this Ashram in 1922.


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