Arunachaleswara Temple, Thiruvannamalai

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Arunachaleswara Temple in Thiruvannamalai is situated on the foothills of the Annamalai Hill and is a major place of worship for the Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a lot of significance for the followers of Saivism.

In the temple is placed a lingam, which represents Shiva and the God his worshipped here along with his wife Parvati who is worshipped as Unnamulaiyamman. The temple represents the element of Agni or Fire and Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Agni lingam.

The Temple has been mentioned in the canonical work of Tamil saint poets who were called ‘nayanars’. It is, in fact, one of the largest temples in the country and is built on an area covering 10 hectares. The temple is majestically built with four gateway towers called the gopurams. The tallest gopuram is on the east side and is of a height of 66 meters making it India’s tallest gopuram. The gopuram comprises of 11 storeys.

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