Nag Shankar Temple, Tezpur

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Close to the town of Tezpur at Jamuguri lies the Nag Shankar Temple. It is believed that the temple was built in the 4th Century A.D by King Narasankar of Nagakha. In the 15th Century (around 1480), the Ahom king Su-sen-pha repaired this old place of worship.

There is a large pond adjoining the temple structure. In the pond, several varieties of soft-shell turtles can be found. Fishes are also commonly found in this pond. The temple and its adjoining areas are also home to several kinds of animals such as peacocks, deer and pythons. Peacocks are one of the main attractions in the Nag Shankar Temple.

Jamuguri is located about 47 kilometres from the Tezpur city centre and tourist vehicles can be booked to reach the small town within the Sonitpur District. Tourists should travel on the National Highway 52 to reach Jamugurihat (where the temple is located).


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