Cole Park, Tezpur

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Cole Park is also known as the Chitralekha Park (it was recently rechristened with the latter name). The park is named after the mythological character Chitralekha, the companion of Princess Usha who was also an excellent painter.

There is a large, horse-shoe shaped lake in the middle of the park. The large grounds spreading across the lake is picturesque to say the leaset. Greenery is abundant all over, and it is quite a relaxing experience to spend time sitting on the cool grass during the evening.

The Cole Park is also famous for having the popular Bhomoraguri inscriptions, the ancient plans of the bridge to be built across the River Brahmaputra. Alongside the old Bhomoraguri plan, the complete information about the current Kolia Bhomora Bridge is also displayed for the public. The Cole Park also has two stone ornamental pillars brought from the ruins of the Bamuni Hills.


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