Ketakeshwar Dewal, Tezpur

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Ketakeshwar Dewal is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. A popular religious destination of the city, the Ketakeshwar Dewal has one of the largest Shiva Lingams in the world. It is unusual that the shrine actually consists of two parts. One part consists of the Linga and the other part where the base of the Linga is found. Owing to a massive earthquake, the Linga got separated from its base and stands where it is currently found.

This is how the Ketakeshwar Dewal became popular in its present day form. When it shifted to its current location, there were only bamboos groves all round and the Lingam was out in the open. Later a complete shelter in the form of a temple was built around it.

Visitors can freely visit the temple as it is opened all year round. Currently the temple is managed by a local committee.


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