Agnigarh, Tezpur

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A visit to Tezpur is incomplete without visiting Agnigarh. The site illustrates the romance between Prince Aniruddha and Princess Usha and the fierce battle that was fought later by Lord Krishna and Banasura. Interestingly, this entire story is retold by using life-like statues. These statues are spread across the vast fort-like area of Agnigarh.

The place is a towering mass of land – a hillock – that can be climbed by a circular stairway that goes round Agnigarh. There is another interesting story associated with the place. It is believed that Usha’s companion Chitralekha, a talented painter, painted a man’s picture she saw in her dreams. When she brought the picture to Usha, the latter said that this is the picture of her love, Prince Aniruddha.

Most of the town can be seen from the top of Agnigarh. It is a famous picnic spot for locals and tourists alike.


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