Hazara Pukhuri, Tezpur

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The Hazara Pukhuri is the third largest water reservoir or tank in the city of Tezpur. Covering an area of 70 acres, the Hazara Pukhuri is an imposing attraction of the city.

The Hazara Pukhuri is named after Hazara Varman and was probably excavated in the early 19th Century. While the River Brahmaputra brings respite from the summers by carrying the cool winds, the pukhuris or ponds within the city add to the cool ambience. The Hazara Pukhuri is no different. Its huge size only makes things more beautiful and charming for the residents of this city.

Since Hazara Pukhuri is located within the city, tourists can easily take an evening stroll here on their way to the market or their hotel. Walking around the lake, sitting on the cool grasses is invigorating. Pukhuris are found all over Assam, and most of the cities have them in large numbers.


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