Da Parbatia, Tezpur

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Da Parbatia is a 6th Century Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The site is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India as it is considered a heritage in its own right. Being one of the oldest surviving sculptural specimens of Assam, it is highly regarded in the state. Much of the original structure of the temple was destroyed by the 1897 earthquake that struck entire Assam.

A lot of wall carvings that bear resemblance to the Gupta period can be found in the Da Parbatia temple. There are figures of Goddess Ganga and Yamuna at the doorways of the temple. These have further been ornamented by delicate foliage and are shown holding garlands in their hands. The door frame is in front of a stone cavity that used to hold the original Shiva Lingam.

A visit to the Da Parbatia temple gives tourists a view of the subtle artwork of the period.


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