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Tapola is pollution free and experiences a refreshing environment that will rejuvenate anyone’s senses. There are several camp sites available for trekkers and tourists who wish to explore the place more intimately.

Tourist Places in Tapola

If you are a water sports junkie, Tapola offers a range if sporting activities like swimming in the 90 km long water body of the Shiv Sagar Lake, or simply engaging in some kayaking down the water. Water Scooters and motor boats are amongst other facilities available here to please the Aqua Baby in you!

If trekking is what gives you a rush, then try trekking up the Vasota Fort – one of the most difficult and challenging treks. You might require a special permission from forest authorities given the fact that this fort is otherwise only reached by a boat and climbing up the secluded path of this fort can be quite a task, but it will be worth it.

If you simply love walking down nature trails and admiring the wondrous miracles of Mother Nature, visit the many strawberry farms and nurseries here. Don’t miss out on the Kas Plateau during the Post monsoon phase when the plateau gets enveloped in a lovely bed of about a 150 variety of flowers.

The Mini Kashmir

A satellite village based near Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is about 25 km away from the hill station and is labelled as the ‘Mini Kashmir’ of Maharashtra. This rustic village is popular amongst nature lovers and vacationers who wish to get back to nature.

The drive down to the village is as scenic as it can get with panoramic views on either sides. It is the base camp for adventurous trekkers given the number of exciting and challenging jungle treks it offers.

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