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Swamimalai Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Swamimalai

  • 01Swaminatha Swamy Temple

    The Swaminatha Swamy Temple, a popular religious spot in Swamimalai is built on an artificial hill at an elevation. A flight of 60 steps leads up to the temple, based on the long-standing Hindu conviction of being in line with the average lifespan of a human being, which is 60 years.

    The temple has three floors and access to the higher floors is by means of a rather steep staircase. On the topmost floor, the sanctum sanctorum is located. If one wants to do abhishekam, they are taken into the inner sanctorum. The abhishekam lasts for about 60 minutes during which hymns are sung, and different gifts are offered to the lord.

    The middle segment is a walk around the temple and the lowest comprises of temples of Lord Shiva. Accommodation and food are also provided by the temple or one can opt for the many restaurants around the divine building.

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  • 02Veetrirundha Perumal Temple

    The Veetrirundha Perumal Temple, located in the township of Veppathur in Thanjavur district, is a Hindu worship place. The deity worshipped in the Temple is Lord Vishnu. Although no official records remain, the Temple is said to have been built in and around AD 850 by the Pallavas.

    Raja Raja Chola and Krishnadevaraya are also thought to have renovated the temple. The Temple is constructed atop another ancient temple made of brick, of which some remains are still there. These remains are among the oldest in Tamil Nadu and are one of the only two surviving pre-Pallava Hindu temples.

    According to Dr. T Satyamurthy, a prominent archaeologist, the architectural excellence shown by the constructors of the temple is reflected in the fact that even after hundreds of years, the binding material among the bricks has held on even though the temple itself is in a decrepit state.

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