Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Sultan Bathery

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Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is located on a part of the Wayanad plateau and is a major tourist destination of Kerala. This is one of the most popular animal sanctuaries of South India and ranks second among the wildlife sanctuary of Kerala. Every year thousands of tourists flock to the sanctuary to see the wildlife that exists in the place.One can spot deer, elephant, Indian Bison and even tiger and wild birds like peacocks and pea fowls are also very easy to spot in the sanctuary.

Many people come to the sanctuary simply because of its serene and calm atmosphere. The sanctuary is beautifully located and offers green and clean view all around. Deciduous trees like teakwood are found growing in abundance in and around the sanctuary. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary should be on your ‘must visit’ list especially if you are traveling with children.

The sanctuary is being considered for World Heritage Site by the UNESCO Heritage Committee.


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