Edakkal Caves, Sultan Bathery

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Edakkal Caves are fascinating Neolithic caves located about 12km from the town of Sultan Bathery. They are located at a height of 1000 meter on the Ambukuthi Mountains and attract visitors in all seasons.

The ancient carvings and writings of this cave kindle the interest of a history lover and a casual backpacker in high degrees. Edakkal Caves comprise a set of three caves which attests to the existence of human settlement in pre-historic times.

The walls of these caves depict numerous ancient stone scripts, various animal and human figurines, ancient weaponry figures and symbols. Estimated to be over 7000 years old, these carvings have grabbed the attention of archaeologists and historians from all over the word.

The place delights trekkers and nature lovers as well since one has to trek to reach this historic location. An early morning trek through this rocky spot truly revamps a visitor’s mind and body.


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