Srisailam Sanctuary, Srisailam

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Srisailam Sanctuary is a must visit if you are in and around the area of Srisailam. The sanctuary is India’s largest tiger reserve. It has been built over a staggering area of 3568 square kilometers. Going around the sanctuary is an adventure in itself even if you fail to spot any animals. The region of the sanctuary covers a rugged terrain with winding and deep gorges at every other step. The area inside the sanctuary is completely covered with dry deciduous forests that include many bamboo plants as well.

Inside the sanctuary, you can spot a variety of wild animals including tigers, leopards, hyenas, jungle cats, palm civets, sloth bears, deer, and pangolin as well as bonnet macaque.

The sanctuary that is located very close to the Srisailam dam is also home to a wide variety of crocodiles that can be found lazing in the down waters of the dam.

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