Shivaji Spurti Kendra, Srisailam

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Sivaji Spurti Kendra is located at Srisailam and is the sports centre of the town. The centre has been named after the great Maratha warrior Shivaji.

One has to ascend a flight of 30 steps to reach the centre. The building of the centre is an impressive structure and there is a statue of Shivaji shown seated on a canopied throne. The centre is guarded with banisters on all sides and one can lean against these banisters to get an amazing view of the valley below. You can also easily spot the Srisailam Dam afar.

The sports centre was built with the aim of encouraging participation in sports activities for all age groups of children. Many people send their children to the center for learning various sports including cricket, football, tennis, badminton and more. Many children from the centre have represented the state of Andhra Pradesh at various national level games.

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