Srisailam Dam, Srisailam

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Srisailam Dam has been constructed across river Krishna, a few kilometers away from the main town of Srisailam. The dam has been strategically built over a deep gorge within the Nallamala Hills. The dam has the distinction of being the second largest hydroelectric project in India.

The Srisailam Dam project was started in the year 1960, and it took 20 years to complete the project. What had started out as a hydroelectric project was also made into a multipurpose facility that includes generating capacity of 770 MW. Today, the dam provides water for an area covering 2,200 square kilometers.

The inflow in to the Srisailam reservoir do not require power generation for storage and hence are stored in large quantities. During the flooding, the Srisailam reservoir gets filled up pretty quick, and the rest of the flood water flows into the Nagarjunasagar dam that is located at a lesser height. The flood water is not used for power generation.

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