Mallela Theertham, Srisailam

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Mallela Theertham is a waterfall that is located about 50 km from the town of Srisailam. The waterfalls have religious significance and are visited by thousands of devotees each year. The waterfalls are in the middle of a thick jungle but are easily accessible via a bumpy road drive. The road is not motorable during the monsoon season.

The waterfalls hold importance for the Hindus because it is believed that bathing in the holy waters of the fall will wash off your earthly sins and help you attain salvation or moksha. The waterfalls are also believed to have magical healing powers and can cure a number of diseases related to skin and muscle joints.

One has to be a little careful when approaching the waterfalls because around 250 steps are to be descended into the valley to reach the falls. These steps tend to be slippery, and one has to be very careful with their steps and not tread down in a hurry.

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