Srirangapatnam Fort, Srirangapatna

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Travellers on a journey to Srirangapatnam 'must visit' Srirangapatnam Fort. This fort, situated amidst Cauvery River on an island, is also known as Tipu Sultan's Fort and showcases Indo-Islamic architecture style. There are four entry gates of the fort, called Delhi, Bangalore, Mysore & Water and Elephant. The double wall security system was built in the fort in order to maintain safety.

The major highlight of the fort is the gateway, where the establishment date on the fort is carved in Persian. Beautiful and elegant paintings by Sir Robert Ker, such as The Storming of Srirangapatnama, can also be seen on the walls of the fort. This structure also comprises Chaturvimsati Pillars, where tourists can see 24 different incarnations of Vishnu engraved. The lower chamber of the fort has dungeons that were used as jails of British officers. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple and a mosque are also present inside the fort and can be visited by tourists.

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