Gumbaz, Srirangapatna

On a trip to Srirangapatna, tourists 'must visit' Gumbaz, famously known as Tipu's Fort. This 20 metre high structure is mainly known as the burial place of Tipu Sultan, as well as his parents Hyder Ali and Fatima Begum. Many other nobles and relatives of Tipu Sultan have also been laid to rest here.

This mausoleum has granite on the ceiling, beautifully carved walls and 36 elegant granite pillars that show Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan ruling Mysore. This 220 years old fort, which is constructed on a raised platform, exhibits Indo-Islamic architectural style. The beautiful ebony doors of Gumbaz are adorned with ivory that was given by Lord Dalhousie. The three entrances made of gold and silver were taken to London by British when they occupied Srirangapatna. These are presently on display at Albert Museum of London.

Lacquer Tiger stripes can be seen on the inside walls along with black amphibole pillars in the corridor. Both Ranganathaswamy temple and Juma Mosque are located inside the premises of this monument. This site is located amidst a beautiful garden, adjacent to a mosque called Masjid-e-aksa.

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