Beautiful Villages Around Bangalore To Experience A Country Life

Beautiful Villages Around Bangalore To Experience A Country Life

If you are bored of exploring the same conventional tourist spots again and again and are looking for places where you can enjoy a mix of the country life and nature, then you must read this article. Here, we have listed ...
To The Land Of Sri Ranganatha

To The Land Of Sri Ranganatha From Bengaluru: Srirangapatna

Located at a mere distance of 15 km from the heritage city of Mysuru is Srirangapatna. The town is enclosed by river Cauvery, which lead to the formation of this river island town. The town gets its name from the well ...
Nimishamba Temple In Srirangapatna Karnataka

Visit The Famous Temple Of Nimishamba In Srirangapatna

"Nimisha" means a minute, the Goddess who resides in this temple is believed to grant the wishes of her devotees in a minute. Nimishamba is another form of Goddess Parvathi, the temple is located on the banks of river Cauvery. ...
Pancharangams In South India

A Temple Tour around Pancharangams in South India

Lord Vishnu is one of the prime Gods in Hinduism. He is worshipped in different forms and several temples are dedicated to all his forms (avatars). Sri Ranganathaswamy is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is one of the most revered ...
Temple On The Banks Of Rivers In India

8 Temples on the Banks of Rivers in India

The rivers has been given a divine status in the Hindu mythology. There is a kind of strong bond between the religious places and the rivers in India. Several legends are connected with the formation of the rivers and the establishment ...
Facts About Krs Dam Mandya

11 Mesmerising Facts About KRS Dam

The practice of constructing dams across rivers is existent from ancient times. Dams have always been beneficial for the existence of civilization. KRS or Krishana Raja Sagar Dam is one the most famous dams in South India. Initially, it was a ...
Famous Temples In Mandya

5 Famous Temples in Mandya

Sometimes it is nice to go on a temple tour; just to feel the peace of mind or cater to the inner beliefs. Usually, it is the youngsters who often feel bored in such travels. Fret not, one way to make ...
Famous Places In Karnataka Where Kaveri Flows

5 Famous Places in Karnataka on Kaveri Basin

Monsoon not only pumps in all the life into plants and trees but also fills up the dried-up water bodies. It is the season to enjoy rivers, lakes, ponds and waterfalls. You will see brimmed rivers gushing through the lands and ...
Architectures By Tipu Sultan

Tipu Triangle: 3 Major Architectures By Tipu Sultan

In the modern world, monarchy doesn't hold much importance, but in some countries monarchy is still practised. Today we only get to read or hear about the great rulers who ruled our regions. India's history is filled with several kingdoms and ...
Tourist Places In Srirangapatna

6 Best Tourist Places in Srirangapatna

The historical town of Srirangapatna is as popular as its neighbour Mysore. A day's trip is enough to cover all the tourist places in Srirangapatna. An old world charm invites you to this beautiful town which is located in Mandya district. ...
Short Trips From Bangalore This Ugadi Weekend

7 Short Trips From Bangalore this Ugadi Weekend

Festivals not only bring joy, they also bring holidays. When a festival is in the weekend, that means we'll get one or two days time for travel. Ugadi festival 2016 is on a weekend and you can also plan a trip ...
Weekend Getaways Around Mysore

7 Weekend Getaways Around Mysore

Mysore is the cultural capital of Karnataka and the second largest city in the state. It is a famous tourist destination in South India known for its opulent and royal ambience. The old world charm of Mysore city along with its ...

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