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Brahma Tirtha, Sirkazhi

Brahma Tirtha is one of the 22 sacred ‘tirthas’ located inside the Brahmapureeshwarar temple. This is the very tirtha where Lord Brahma, it is believed, offered his prayer to Lord Shiva. This tirtha is located near a sacred pond, and devotees come from distant lands to get ablution from their sins.

Devotees believe that a dip in the sacred water of this pond would purify not only the body, but also the mind. It is believed that a dip in this Tirtha purifies the body and mind. Every year thousands of devotees come to the Brahma Tirtha to cleanse their body and mind off their mortal sins.

The temple authorities maintain and run the temple smoothly to keep it fit to handle the inflow of devotees who visit every year.