Kareng Ghar, Sibsagar

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Kareng Ghar happens to be the palace of the Ahom kings that is situated 15 kilometres from Sibsagar at a place called Gargaon. During the heydays of the Ahoms, Gargoan was the principal seat of the Ahoms. In the yeat 1752, King Rajeswar Singha built the present multi-storey-ed palace.

The Kareng Ghar is seven storey-ed. There are three storeys which are underground and they are called the Talatal Ghar. The levels above the ground are together known as the Kareng Ghar. The complete structure is popularly known as the Talatal Palace. Kareng Ghar is thus a part of the Talatal Ghar and not to be confused.

The top floors – the Kareng Ghar - have three storeys with the top floor having a dome-like roof with a chamber. Originally there were four watch towers of which only two remain now. It takes about 30 minutes on road to reach this palatial structure.

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