Sivadol, Sibsagar

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The Sivadol is the tallest temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that stands on the banks of the Sibsagar Lake. The temple was built in 1734 by Bar Raja Ambika, queen of Ahom king Swargadeo Siba Singha. Standing at a height of 195 feet (59 meters) from the ground it is believed to be the tallest Shiva temple in the whole of India. The temple is capped by an 8 feet high golden dome that displays magnificent craftsmanship of the Ahom rule.

This place attracts huge number of tourist every year during the Shivaratri. A huge mela (fair) is organised in the temple ground. Alongside the Shivadol is the Devidol and Vishnudol that also serve as great attractions to tourists visiting this place. Near these temple complex you can also witness ancient cannons made from iron that have been preserved as relics from the time of the Ahom rule

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