Khokhai Math of Rannod, Shivpuri

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The Khokhai Math of Rannod is a temple in the vicinity of Shivpuri. The traditional and cultural beliefs of Hindus over history have led to the preservation of some ancient places of worship and places of religious significance. Temples from the 6th and 7th century have devotees in the 21st century because of a chain of devotees unbroken since the construction of the temples.

The Mahua Shiva Temple, the Terahi temple and the Siddeshwara Temple amidst numerous other temples in the area were constructed when Kings and Kingdoms ruled the landscape. From a similar era is the Khokhai Math of Rannod, located 65 kilometers outside of Shivpuri.

While ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva are a regular occurrence in Shivpuri, the Khokhai Math of Rannod is distinguished from the other temples in the area owing to its location in the midst of a dense forest that is nearly impenetrable. The simple act of laying eyes on a temple from a long lost era is reason enough for a visit.


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