Pawa Waterfalls, Shivpuri

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Pawa Waterfalls are an addition to the abundant waterfalls in and around Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh. While Sultan Garh Falls and Bhoora Khon Waterfalls each have a charm of their own, Pawa waterfalls is a unique vacation spot that is religious and recreational. Located in the town of Pohri, 40 kilometers away from Shivpuri, the cascading waters make it hard to turn away from the spectacular sight.

The gushing water of the Pawa Waterfalls falls into the Pawa Kund which is an astonishing 500 feet deep. Skilled divers find that the Pawa Kund a pleasure to scuba dive or even snorkel in. The equipment for snorkeling and scuba diving unfortunately is not available to rent on location.

A breath-taking statue of Lord Shiva adds religious fervor to the waterfalls. The temple is sacred to many Hindus who believe in the miracles that Lord Shiva performs. With the rolling hills surrounding the waterfall, the lush greenery and the benevolent idol, inner peace is but a visit away.


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