Narwar Fort, Shivpuri

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The Narwar Fort located just east of the river Kali Sindh, is a remnant of the resplendent past of India. 42km outside of Shivpuri, the fort is a magnificent reminder of the royal boundaries and the near constant wars for territory expansions. The town is of historical significance and was known as Nalapura till the 12th century.

Raja Nala, after whom the town was named, finds mention in the Epic Mahabharata in relation to Damayanti and their love saga. The Narwar Fort sits atop a hill at an elevation of 500 feet above sea level. Spread over 8, the fort is expansive and speaks of an affluent past and a strong Kingdom.

Although time and nature have had their say over the fort, the architecture and the sheer length of the fort are astounding. The Rajput influence over architecture of the fort is evident in the flat ceilings and the fluted columns.


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