Chhatris, Shivpuri

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Chhatris or cenotaph is an empty tomb dedicated to the memory of a person whose remains lie elsewhere. Cenotaphs, notwithstanding the recent cenotaphs erected as war memorials, are not a modern phenomenon.

Derived from a Greek word, Cenotaphs have been erected since the beginning of recorded history as a means of honoring the deceased. The Chhatris in Shivpuri are dedicated to members of the royal Scindia clan. The Chhatris are notable not only for their history but also for their art and architecture. The Shivpuri Chhatris are marble structures etched with immaculate art, protected and cherished over the years.

The Chhatris in the setting of a large manicured Mughal garden, on either side of a lake, make them seem larger than life and a dedication befitting the statuses of the Scindia royal family. The Chhatris are specifically dedicated to Madhav Rao Scindia and his erstwhile widow Maharani Sakhya Raje Scindia.


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