Madhav Vilas Palace, Shivpuri

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Madhav Vilas Palace, colloquially known as the “Palace” amidst the locals, is grandeur personified. Beautiful turrets, numerous terraces and immaculate marble floors make the palace truly resplendent even by today’s standards. The exterior of the palace has a dusty-rose color that sets the palace apart from its surrounding.

The colonial architecture of the palace makes it more relatable than palaces from earlier eras. The palace was in its heyday, the summer palace of the Scindias. The views that the turrets and terraces offered since then have not changed thanks to the preservation of the Madhav National Park.

The image of the women of the royal household on the terraces, awaiting the Prince’s return after a long day of hunting is but a paintbrush away. The palace is today the training center for the Intelligence Bureau of the Government of India, a far less romanticized use of the once summer palace of the royals.


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