Terahi Temple, Shivpuri

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Terahi Temple is located in the town of Terahi, historically referred to as Therambhi, is a small town located 75 kilometers outside Shivpuri. Terahi’s claim to fame is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva constructed in the early Pratihara style of architecture. The temple is colloquially known as Mohajamata temple and is quite unremarkable in its size.

Despite being a small temple, the entrance to the temple alone is noteworthy with a beautiful archway, every inch of which is decorated with intricate, remarkable carvings. The sanctum sanctorum is unique because of the idols housed within. The Goddess Chamundi is depicted in an erotic pose with her male companion within the sanctum sanctorum.

There are other idols of dikpalas and vyalas amidst other deities enshrined in the temple. The temple is a red sand stone structure that faces the east. The temple is enrobed in controversy as the idols within the sanctum sanctorum are believed to be later additions, not a part of the original temple.


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