Mahua Shiva Temple, Shivpuri

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Mahua Shiva Temple is a gem from the pages of history as resplendent today as it was when constructed. Mahua, a small nondescript village in Shivpuri has treasures from the 6th and 7th century hidden in plain sight. Mahua village is a part of the ancient area known as Madhumati in the Ranod inscription. The inscriptions suggest the importance of the area amidst Shaiva Saiddhantika believers.

There a few temples that have survived the sands of time to stand resplendently today as a stark reminder of a long lost history. The Shiva Mandapika is one of the few monuments that can be assigned to the latter half of the 7th century CE. The temple as it stands today may point to an incomplete construction or an incomplete restoration. The Shiva temple in Mahua is an exemplary temple from the 7th century dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The temple reflects the Nagara style of architecture and has carvings depicting the river Goddesses Ganga and Yamuna on either side of the doorway that leads to the sanctum sanctorum.


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