Mao, Senapati

The town of Mao is of immense significance to the state of Manipur as it serves as the gateway to the state. The town is located at a distance 45 kilometers from the town of Senapati along the National Highway 39 which is considered to be the lifeline of Manipur. Often termed as the ‘Mao Gate’ this town opens the district of Senapati and state to the rest of the country.

This town is one of the busiest commercial destinations in the state as most of the trade routes into Manipur lead thorough this town. The multi-cultural town boats of people from all across Manipur and neighbouring states of Nagaland. The town also serves as the granary to the nearby villages and towns in Manipur. Here, you will also get a chance to shop for goods from different countries of South East Asia with goods from Myanmar attracting a large number of buyers.


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