Makhel, Senapati

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Makhel happens to be a sacred place for many communities in Senapati. The people of this place owe their ancestry to hunters who chose this place to settle down. This place still commands great importance for the people of the region. There are many historical monuments spread across this place which is a short drive from the district headquarter of Senapati. It is one of the most visited spots in the district.

The sacred Banyan trees in this place are believed to have grown from the tomb of the Naga mother making it a place of worship. Other interesting monuments in this place include the farewell monolith, the triomonolith which are located 3 km south of this place. The dispersal tree at Sajouba, the hailstorm stone and the lucky stone make up for a perfect trip for any tourist coming to Makhel. You will walk through the pages of Manipur’s history in this place.


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