Liyai, Senapati

Located about 37 kilometerss from the town of Senapati is the village of Liyai Khullen. The literal translation of the village is ‘People of the Sea’, and if the archaeological evidence is anything to go by this village might have existed for almost 500 years making it one of the most prized tourist destinations in the Senapati district. According to the local folklore the people of this village are decedents of people who were on a hunting trip and settled here after finding a pool of clear water surrounded by beautiful Rhododendrons.

There are many stone monoliths in this village which speak of the rich and vibrant past of the people in this village. Most of the villagers here are farmers who gave up on headhunting in the 1930s. River Barak one of the biggest rivers of the region after the might Brahmaputra originates from this village making an important tourist attraction.


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