Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Sardar Sarovar Dam

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The Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Narmada district in the state of Gujarat. It has about 575 species of flowering plants and is a deciduous forest with an abundance of semi-evergreen trees. It also has plenty of bamboo trees. The forest is rated as one of the thickest and best forests in the state.

The sanctuary is spread over an area of and has a wide variety of species like the sloth bear, leopard, Rhesus macaque, Chausinga, Barking deer, Pangolin and Herpetofauna. The sanctuary is known for its eco-tourism. You may find large varieties of migratory birds, flying squirrels,etc here along with the other animals.

This is a beautiful place to explore if you are an eco-tourist. The sanctuary has a large watershed that feeds the Sardar Sarovar and the Kanjan reservoirs. It also has some of the best forested areas of the state of Gujarat. The Rajpipla trees dominate the sanctuary and is known for its aesthetic values and scenic beauty. It has around 575 species of flowering plants as well. The area is filled with moist teak forests, dry deciduous forests, dry deciduous scrub, dry bamboo brakes and dry tropical riverine forests.

Apart from a large species of animals and birds, the area is also resided by many tribal communities too. The main tribe that lives here are the 'Vasavas'. They largely depend on the forests for their daily requirements. The huts built are from the bamboo from the forests. The fruits from the forests are also used by them as well.


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