Zarwani Eco Campsite, Sardar Sarovar Dam

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The Zarwani Eco Campsite is located about 28km away from Rajpipla and is near to the Kevadia colony of the Narmada Dam Site. This is a place where wildlife is being respected and preserved as well. Nature lovers flock in to have a look at the endangered species of wildlife like the barking deer and the Rhesus macaque.One can have a great trekking experience in the campsite with the help of the forest authorities.

The facilities of the campsite include an orientation centre, a dormitory which can accommodate about tem people, separate kitchens and dining areas, cottages with attached bath facilities, etc.

The Zarwani waterfalls, Shoolpaneshwar Temple and Gheer Khadi are the nearby attractions which can be easily accessed from the campsite.

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