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Sagai-Malsamot Eco Campsite, Sardar Sarovar Dam

Situated on nature's lap, Sagai-Malsamot Eco Campsite is best known for the surroundings and ambiance it provides. It is located near the Sardar Sarovar Dam in the state of Gujarat. With beautiful teak forests, wonderful Ninai waterfalls and an overall cool climate, the place has attracted tourists and travellers who love nature.

Preservation of nature is what you can see here. The campsite provides camping facilities and also offers accommodation for large groups. The nearby attractions of this site are the Fort of Dabhoi, the bathing ghats of Chandod and Garudeshwar, the Jain temples of the Jagadia and the splendid waterfalls.

The campsite has an orientation centre, cottages with attached bath facilities, a dormitory which can accommodate a group of ten, food served by ETC (Eco Tourism Committee), separate kitchens and dining areas, etc. for the convenience of the visitors.

Sagai-Malsamot Eco Campsite Photos