Buddhist Vihara, Sanchi

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Buddhist Vihara has always been considered as one of the finest centers of Buddhist culture. The Vihara was used to be the dwelling place of the Buddhist monks and were not made of wooden carvings. There is a large area for communal activities inside the Vihara. The place is situated at a distance of a few kilometers from Sanchi and is considered to be one of the most important tourist sites of Madhya Pradesh.

The Viharas have the remains of Satdhara Stupa. There is an inner chamber in the Vihara where all the relics are reserved in a glass chest on a platform. There are many attractive features in all these Viharas.

There are small cells inside the Viharas and have doors with two platforms to serve as beds. Hundreds of people from across the globe visit the place in order to get a glimpse of the Buddhist traditions.


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