Ashoka Pillar, Sanchi

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Ashoka Pillar located at Sanchi is recognized by the Government of Madhya Pradesh as one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the state. The pillar consists of a shaft and a crown of four lions. These lions stand back to back, and the pillar was erected in the 3rd century B.C. It is true that at present one cannot get a glimpse of the whole pillar.

The shaft of the pillar can be seen at the gateways, but the crown is kept in the museum. The architecture of the Ashoka Pillar is said to be of the Greco Buddhist style. The pillar is undoubtedly very well proportioned in nature.

The Ashoka Pillar at Sanchi has a lot of resemblance with the Pillar at Sarnath.The pillar is very well furnished. The pillar of Sanchi does not possess the Dharmachakra unlike the pillar of Sarnath.





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