Vavar Shrine, Sabarimala

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Vavar Shrine, another chief attraction of Sabarimala, is a place where one can see the confluence of two different faiths. This shrine is dedicated to Vavaru Swami who was a Muslim Saint. Vavar Shrine is located next to the main temple. There are numerous legends about Vavaru Swami and his association with Ayyappa. Interestingly, Vavaru Swami fought against Lord Ayyappa but was defeated and then on he became an ardent follower of the Lord. A carved stone slab symbolises the deity of Vavaru Swami and there is an old sword kept inside the shrine. The prime offering to this deity is black pepper and rituals are conducted by Muslim priests. Devotees who visit the Ayyappa Temple visit this shrine and pay their homage. Two faiths and religions meet in the Vavar Shrine, making Sabarimala an ideal place for religious and communal accord.


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