Ayyappa Temple, Sabarimala

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Ayyappa Temple, where Lord Ayyappa is worshipped, is the chief attraction of Sabarimala. Sea of humanity throngs every year to be blessed by him. It assures contentment, spiritual fortification, prosperity and fulfilment of devotees' desires and wishes. It is well known for its pilgrimage starting in the month of November and ending in January.

Entire hills reverberate with the chants of Ayyappa as Mandalapooja is celebrated during this period. Devotees are required to climb 18 sacred steps before they reach the sanctum sanctorum. These steps are believed to represent different human characteristics: the first 5 steps symbolizes the human senses, next 8 represent human emotions, the next 3 steps stand for human qualities and the final 2 steps are symbolizes knowledge and ignorance.

There is a temple dedicated to Malikappuram Devi on the left side of the Ayyappa temple. The temple offer a soul refreshing experience as the visitors get the glimpse of the panoramic view of the Western Ghats from the temple premises.


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