Malikappuram Devi Temple, Sabarimala

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Malikappuram Devi Temple is situated on a small hill and is a short two minutes’ walk away from the Ayyappa Temple. One feels the blown by the misty breeze and pleasant atmosphere while visiting this temple located on the right side of the Ayyappa Temple. The temple has many legends associated with Lord Ayyappa and Malikappuram Devi. A legend goes that after the lord killed evil Mahishi, a beautiful nymph emerged from his remains and begged the lord to marry him but he dint as he vowed to remain celibate. The goddess continues to live near the lord; hence a temple is built in her honour. Bhagavati Seva is the chief offering performed at the Malikappuram Devi Temple. Kanmashi (kajal), Pattudayada (silk cloth), Pottu (bindi) and Vala (bangles) are the other major offerings. Small shrines dedicated serpent gods are located in premises of this temple. Ayyappa devotees perform the unique ritual called Thengai Uruttu (rolling of coconuts) at Malikappuram Devi Temple.


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