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Jama Masjid, Rohtak

Most Masjids or mosques are known after their builders or the places they are built upon. But there is one type of masjid that is commonly found across all the cities, towns and villages of the world which bears neither the names of its builders nor the place which hosts it. It is generally called Jama Masjid. The town Mayham in district Rohtak also houses a Jama Masjid.

There is some confusion about who built it and when it was built. There are two inscriptions in the mosque that point to two different builders and, therefore, two different dates. According to one inscription found on the pulpit under the stairs, the mosque was built during the reign of Emperor Humayun in 1531 A.D.

But there is another inscription on the south arch of the masjid indicating that it was built during the time of Aurangzeb from 1667-68 A.D. It states that the mosque was built by Khwaja Rahmat Ullah at the orders of Emperor Aurangzeb during the tenth year of his reign.

But there is also a view that says that the mosque existed even before the advent of Humayun. The mosque has been converted into a gurdwara where prayers are held daily.

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