Bhindawas Lake, Rohtak

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Bhindawas Lake is an ideal destination for weekend picnickers, for bird lovers, photographers and videographers. The lake is regarded as the largest wetland areas in the state of Haryana. The lake itself covers an area of 12 kilometres.

It was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1985. Bhindawas Lake is actually a man-made lake. It was built to trap the excess water that could not be lifted out from the Jawaharlal Nehru Canal due to power failures. The lake attracts thousands of migratory birds from all parts of the world. They leave their winter habitats and come here to spend time in more comfortable climate.

Their sheer numbers and variety is what attracts the largest number of bird lovers to the lake. Tourists can enjoy the sight of kingfishers, peacocks, bulbuls, common hoopoe, Greater Cormorants, purple swamp hens and several other species of birds flying about and creating a cacophony of sounds. The shimmering expanse of the water in the lake is a feast to the viewers’ eyes.

The lake has a number of small islands where the birds take rest after they get tired of floating in its water and flying above it. The expanse of the lake is too vast to be captured by the lens of the common cameras.


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