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Close to what is now known as the town of Quepem in Goa, legend has it that there was a man who built a home from scratch, beginning with two columns. He announced that, all criminal offenders who wished to seek rehabilitation could walk through these two columns and start life afresh.

The founder of Quepem, Jose Paulo built the mansion called Palacia do Deao over two centuries ago, and it has been preserved and refurbished several times over to turn into a fabulous tourist attraction today. The home is a cusp between Indian and Portuguese architecture and uses the best of both cultures to create a unique architectural blend. Everything from the Restaurant to the Library to the Hindu style catholic chapel at the entrance is well put together. One can enjoy this place over an afternoon, feast on some authentic Goan food and take in the local culture as it comes. Palacio do Deao is as close as one can get to Portuguese time Goa today!

While you’re there, make it a point to visit the Holy Cross Church which is quite famous in the locality.

Palacio do Deao is in Quepem around 6 kilometres from Margao. One can rent a car from Panjim, Margao or Vasco da Gama. Alternatively, one can hire a bike and ride down.

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