Silappathikara Art Gallery, Poompuhar

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The Silappathikara Art Gallery is a structure that is 7 storeys tall and is noted for its peculiar design. It is dedicated to the preservation of artwork related to the Tamil epic Silappathikaram.

The epic makes references to the coastal town of Poompuhar. The first storey of the gallery is 12 feet in height, whereas the rest of the storeys are all of the 5 feet in height. The gallery also has several kalasams whose height comes to 8 ft.

The total height of the structure is close to 50 ft. The sculptures that adorn the walls of the Gallery were carved by the sculptors of the Mamallapuram Art College. The very architecture of the structure is heavily inspired from the story told by the epic.

There is an anklet shaped tank within the compound of the building with statues of Kannagi and Madavi installed on either side of the tank. The 22 feet high Magara Thoranavayil adorns the entrance to the gallery. It is an important tourist attraction of Poompuhar and attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year.

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