Masilamani Nathar Koil, Poompuhar

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The Masilamani Nathar Koil was built in the year 1305 A.D by the King Maravarma Kulasekara Pandiyan of the Pandya Dynasty. It is an excellent example of the architectural style of the period.

It is a must visit for anyone who visits Poompuhar. The temple architecture is a fine example of the conventions that were in vogue in ancient times. Much of the temple’s front portion was damaged due to tidal erosion over the course of the ages.

As of now, the temple does not pursue any religious activities, mostly due to its state of disrepair. But it is still one of the most famous structures in Poompuhar. It is easy to approach once you have reached Poompuhar as it is quite close to the commercial centre of the place.

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