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Patiala Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Patiala

  • 01Baradari Gardens

    Baradari Gardens are located in the north of the old Patiala city. As the name suggests, it has twelve doors, each an entrance. The garden was constructed near the Baradari Palace, which was initially the residence of Emperor Rajinder Singh. He planted rare varieties of trees and flowers in this garden.

    Presently, the Baradari Palace boasts of a collection of important historical documents. Having a marble statue of Rajinder Singh, these gardens are loved by people of all age groups.

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  • 02Qila Mubarak Complex

    Qila Mubarak Complex, an ideal example of Sikh palace architecture, is one of the prominent tourist attractions of the city. The entire city of Patiala has grown around the Qila Mubarak Complex. Built by Maharaja Ala Singh in 1764, this complex was the residence of Patiala royals, until the construction of the Old Moti Bagh Palace. The complex was originally constructed as a mud fort or kachi garhi in an area of around 10 acres and then reconstructed as a pakka qila.

    The complex is segregated into two parts - the inner part, called the Qila Androon and the outer part, called the Darbar Hall. The Darshani Gate, Shiva Temple and shops selling traditional ornaments and clothes catch the attention of tourists. The architecture of this palace is a perfect blend of the late Mughal and Rajasthani styles.

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  • 03Sheesh Mahal

    Sheesh Mahal

    Sheesh Mahal was built by Maharaja Narendra Singh in 1847, behind the Moti Bagh Palace and was the residential palace of the maharajas of Patiala. This edifice is also known as the Palace of Mirrors because of its appealing coloured glass and mirror work. Adding to the beauty, the mahal has a lake in the front and a bridge across the lake, commonly known as Lakshman Jhula.

    The mahal has a museum, which has the largest collection of medals from different parts of the globe. Beautiful and detailed artwork, carved over walls and ceilings, demonstrates the hard work of artists from Rajasthan and Kangra. Every year, many cultural programmes and heritage festivals are organised in the Sheesh Mahal.

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