Must Visit Hindu Temples In Punjab

Must-visit Hindu Temples In Punjab

Punjab is one of most fertile lands in India due to the presence of several rivers. Hence, the major occupations followed here are related to agriculture and farming. However, it has also been a land of rich history and culture and ...
Things One Must Do To Know Patiala

5 Things One Must Do To Know Patiala

The pint-sized city of Patiala has given its name to the liberal Patiala peg and the baggy Patiala salwar. Apart from these, there isn't much which is oversized in this ancient city. The residents of Patiala are the most hospitable people ...
Famous Forts In Patiala

2 Famous Forts in Patiala

There is always a kind of enthusiasm that is associated with the city of Patiala. It has a unique identity among the other places in Punjab. The electrifying ambiance of the city which holds together the history and modernity is something ...
Places Visit Patiala Punjab

Travel to the City of Palaces, Patiala

The city of Patiala in Punjab was established by Sardar Lakhan and Baba Ala Singh. It was later fortified by Maharaja Narendra Singh. A culturally diverse city, Patiala is slowly urbanising itself. People come here from different walks of life and ...
Five Best Places Visit Patiala

Top 10 Place To Visit In Patiala, Punjab

Do you lick your fingers with joy when you are served some delicious 'Makki di roti' and 'Sarason da saag'? Do colourful 'pagris' remind you of the wedding season? Or are you the type who prefers 'Bhangra' over hip-hop or any ...
Three Must Do Things In Punjab

Three Must-do Things in Punjab

With its rich tradition and vibrant culture, Punjab is one of the states in India that has added to the nation's heritage. Punjab satisfies the travel needs of different types of visitors, be it pilgrims, the adventurous or vacationers. Punjab has ...

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